Time-shift sporting events without missing out on the Twitter experience

  • Need to record your favourite sporting event to watch at a reasonable hour?
  • Annoyed that you can’t enjoy Twitter for the recorded event in real time?
  • Welcome to Tweewind! - We provide a curated Twitter feed that you can play back in sync.

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It's Awesome


  • Provides curated feed of Tweets relevant to your sporting event
  • Tweets appear in Tweewind as they would in real time so you can experience Twitter as if it were live while watching your recorded sporting event
  • Users can remove Twitter handles they no longer want to see and can request new ones to add to the curated feed in Tweewind
  • Full tweet is displayed in Tweewind and links through to Twitter
  • Tweewind player allows you to easily move to different points on the event timeline
  • Supports iOS and Android on mobile devices

How it works

  1. Record sporting event on your TV recording device
  2. Open up Tweewind on your mobile device
  3. Select the sporting event in Tweewind
  4. Start playback of recorded sporting event on TV
  5. Sit back and enjoy Twitter experience on your mobile device while watching the sporting event as if it were live
  6. Good times!


Provide feedback to the Tweewind team so we can deliver the best experience possible to our users. We are committed to working closely with our user community and getting feedback that we can incorporate into our app from the people that use it!. If you can spare 5 minutes we appreciate your time to complete our survey.

Get In Touch

If you spot any issues, need to talk to us about anything, or you're interested in being a part of Tweewind let us know!

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